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Event for the World Greek Language Day in Albania

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In February 2020, an event dedicated to the World Greek Language Day was held at the University of Argyrokastro, which is celebrated every year on February 9. The event was organized by the Greek Consulate in Albania in collaboration with the Department of Greek Language and Culture of the University of Argyrokastro, while two Greek institutions also participated, the University of Ioannina and the University of Western Macedonia.

Regarding the activities of the event, a lecture was held on the presence of Greek abroad and a platform with modern methods of learning the Greek language was presented to the public.

The operation of a Greek studies department in Albania plays a key role in Greek cultural diplomacy because it contributes to the dissemination of our country’s cultural identity abroad and is a pillar of stabilizing transnational relations through continuous cooperation and interaction in the field of academic education. The organization of similar events is in fact a remarkable practice of mild power as it builds a foundation of trust and sympathy for Greece in general and in particular for the expansion of intercultural cooperation between the two neighboring peoples.

The Greek language and writing is one of the oldest traditions in the world, referring to ancient Greece and specifically to the philosophers where through the texts they developed their spiritual cultivation and thought using the Greek alphabet. At the same time, over the centuries, the Greek language has spread throughout the universe, a fact that today is evident from the systematic use of words of Greek origin from a variety of foreign languages.

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Εκδήλωση για την Παγκόσμια Ημέρα της Ελληνικής γλώσσας στην Αλβανία, Ανακτήθηκε από:


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