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Hellenic Institute of

Cultural Diplomacy

The Vision

The establishment of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy was dictated by the need to reconstitute the Greek Cultural diversity and to redefine ourselves in the world with no longer in terms of reproduction, but of creation. The main concern of the Institute is the promotion of the cultural values, of cooperation and the creation of mutual trust with the ultimate goal of establishing emotionally close relations with foreign peoples, which will exist beyond the changes of governments. The H.I.C.D wishes to play a significant role in the intellectual life of our country by contributing to the upgrading of the country’s image abroad, to the empowerment of young talented artists and to the creation of a cultural background capable of pushing the Greek citizen to feel the obligations he owes not only to himself but also to the society in which he lives. And we serve this request.

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The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy, (H.I.C.D.) is a scientific non-governmental organisation, founded in Athens on 25th of March 2017 and is the only proponent of Cultural Diplomacy in Greece. Working closely with private and public governmental bodies, academic and scientific organisations both at home and around the world, the Institute has branches in different Greek cities and abroad. Each branch is responsible for the development and delivery of a range of cultural activities, under the guidance of the Athens headquarters. By engaging in research and developing the different fields of Cultural Diplomacy, the H.I.C.D aims to build bridges of trust and cooperation and foster dialogue between different cultures. This contributes to strengthen regional and multilateral diplomatic bonds, improves relations between nations and communicates universal values and principles that only culture can convey.

The President & Founder

of H.I.C.D

Peter D. Kapsaskis

Peter D. Kapsaskis is the president and founder of H.I.C.D. He is a PhD researcher in the scientific subject of Cultural Diplomacy and has been dealing with Soft Power since 2012. One year after the establishment of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (2017), he proceeded with the founding of the institution of Soft Power Awards (Soft Power Awards) and in September 2020 he founded the Agora Cultural Diplomacy Youth Forum, which has as its main goal the dialogue on Cultural Diplomacy within Greek universities.



The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy provides the possibility of practical (unpaid) internship to researchers who are interested in developing their academic skills, to assist in the work of Greek Cultural Diplomacy facing real problems related to science and conducting research in the field of science. Cultural Diplomacy, International Relations, Foreign Policy, Cultural Management, Communication, Nation Branding, Digital Cultural Product Design and Cultural Studies.
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Erasmus +

Erasmus +

The Erasmus + program in which the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy is enrolled provides the possibility of internship (placement in jobs, apprenticeships, etc.) in the branches of the organization abroad to students enrolled in higher education institutions of the program countries, in undergraduate or postgraduate level, as well as for doctoral candidates. Recent graduates also have the opportunity to participate in internships.
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New Project 15


Cultural Diplomacy


True to the inescapable need to raise public awareness of Cultural Diplomacy, the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy aims to bring to the public debate the major issues of Greek Identity, this time giving the floor to young people. To young people who think critically and reflect. In this context, the Institute has the special pleasure to announce the creation of the first Forum of Cultural Diplomacy in Greece entitled “AGORA Cultural Diplomacy Youth Forum”.

Soft Power


The institution of the Soft Power Awards was founded in 2018 by Peter D. Kapsaskis. It was presented for the first time in 2019 in the Old Greek Parliament and since then it has been adopted by the organization’s branches abroad. The objectives of the awards are: the recognition and rewarding of the offer in cultural, humanitarian, scientific and social level. Highlighting the importance of soft power as a peaceful and conciliatory approach to transnational relations and relations between peoples is an incentive and encouragement for individuals, companies and organizations to include soft power practices in their daily agenda.



your own


The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy provides the possibility of establishing independent companies abroad, which operate in a self-governing and financially independent manner and are subject to the strategic planning of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.

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