Health Consultant / Journalist

Elpida Papadaniel was born and raised in Rodolivos, Serres. In 1993 she received a degree in Speech Therapy, specializing in Special Education, from Sofia University “Saint Kliment Ohridski”. In the same year she completed the postgraduate course titled, MA in Speech Language Pathologist and Therapist with second Specialty Oligophreno-Pedagogy.

Until 2004 she worked in structures of the BD University Psychiatric Clinic of Thessaloniki. In 2000 she founded and directs the Institute of Speech, Speech & Dyslexia in Thessaloniki. In 2012 she attended the distance learning program, Creativity & Charisma, Kapodistrian University of Athens while in 2014 she wrote and published a children’s fairy tale in the framework of Creative Writing activities entitled “Ephemeral, following the meaning of life”.

She is a member of the writers ‘association since 2015. In the same year he created the Creative Writing workshop at the Writers’ Union of Northern Greece. In 2016 she attended a program of additional distance education, ¨ Leadership Training for the staffing of national and international non-profit organizations¨, University of the Aegean and in the same year received the Certificate of specialization in the program from the University of Ioannina.

She also attended supplementary distance education programs, such as ΕAdult Educators¨, ικοFamily Law for Social Scientists¨, ¨Open Psychology Seminars¨, κParallel Support & Training Certification in Counseling & Counseling, Life and Counseling on “Learning through adventure” and the seminar of “Neurolinguistic Programming” organized by the University of the Aegean.

She also attended the supplementary training program of the University of the Aegean χοPsychological First Aid¨ as well as the program ¨The AZ in Conference Counseling¨. Since April 2018, she has been a radio producer at EOE radio, with the show “la cort”, a show that presented people who create with their soul.

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