Γεώργιος Λιάσσας

George Liassas

Cybersecurity Consultant

George Liassas is the head of the Hellenic Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Copenhagen. George Liassas works as a Cybersecurity consultant in the financial services sector in Copenhagen, Denmark. He graduated from the Athens University of Economics and Business in 2010 after successfully completing his undergraduate studies in Computer Science.

He continued his postgraduate studies at the Aalto University of Helsinki and later at the Technical University of Copenhagen. There he attended an extensive curriculum focusing on Network and Software Security. He completed his postgraduate studies at the Technical University of Lausanne, EPFL. George Liassas actively participates as a speaker in international conferences related to his professional activity.

He has a keen interest in issues related to the impact of Technology on Culture. In recent years he has been active in the promotion of Greek culture through his interventions in the hospitable city of Copenhagen. Maintains a keen interest in issues of identity, Greek identity and language.

Through the action of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy of Denmark, it aspires to strengthen the bonds of the citizens of Denmark and Greece through a sense of closeness, trust and immediacy based on the cultivation of a spirit of cooperation and understanding between the two peoples.

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