Greek Revolution being visualized through children’s drawings

Greek Revolution being visualized through children’s drawings

The Embassy of Greece in Russia will organize, from March to October 2021, a drawing competition for children aged 7-12 years old, with the Greek Revolution of 1821 being the main theme of this event. The Greek Embassy offers a trip to Crete to the winner of the competition, if the conditions of Covid-19 allow it until November of 2021, when the results will be announced.

The celebration of the 200th year anniversary of the Greek Revolution starts, in the frame of the Greece-Russia tribute year, with a huge symbolic and meaningful action. Children of Moscow will be able to come closer and approach Greek culture through the lens of the most important moment in Greek modern history. The creation of the Greek nation-state comes through a long-lasting revolution, which was indeed one of the first national revolutions in the European area.

It is also very significant the fact that this competition will be held abroad, because of the ages that it attracts. The children are the future and hope of every nation, but, to be educated deeply, sometimes the events, that could possibly attract their interest, should be conformed to their own needs. This drawing competition not only offers motivation to children, but also encourages them to learn modern history through a highly creative method. Such events could possibly attract the interest of every nation’s children, if they could be presented correctly, given that drawing is one of the most favourite hobbies of the young ages.

The competition, that will take place in Russia, is probably going to serve as a step for a bigger enhancement in Greek-Russian relations. The reason why this seems possible to happen is because of the innovative means of diplomacy that the two countries decided to apply through this special occasion. The willingness of the two nations to promote their history and Greece’s attempt to make its history known to everyone, without the restriction of age, seems to be a huge part of cultural’s diplomacy future.

Dionysis Chatzitheodorou,

Graduate student of Political Sciences



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