Χάρης Κουδούνας

Harris Koudounas

Author / Academic & Historical Researcher

Harris Koudounas is the head and founder of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Ancona. Mr. Koudounas was born in Athens in 1962. Author, academic and historical researcher, professor of Greek language decoding systems and advisor to the Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts "Angelica Costantiniana" in Rome, he currently collaborates with various scholars and scholars in Italy as well as in Greece.


He studied information systems science in Ancona, Italy, statistical sciences in Rome, having done two Master Management "Futus Corporation Future Systems" in Perugia and Siena, Italy. He holds the position of professor of methodology and systems of interpretation and translation of Greek-Italian language, of the academic year of studies intended for the Italian Public Administration and the Italian Authorities of Ancona, at the seat of the Port Authority Organization of all Port Authorities Adriatic Sea.


He also teaches the Greek language in Italian Institutes of foreign languages of the prefecture of Marche as well as the course of Greek studies and ancient self-knowledge to the students of the classes of the Greek Community of the prefecture of Marche. He is the CEO of the consulting, interpreting and official translation company "Studio di Consulenze & Interpretariato", based in Ancona, Italy. He is a Technical Advisor to the Judges and Prosecutors of the Court and the Prosecutor's Office of Ancona and Experts of the Civil and Criminal Court of Ancona. He holds the position of official translator and interpreter of the Ancona Financial Crime Prosecution and the Directorate of the Ancona Customs District.


He is also an advisor to IEMO (International Emergency Management Organization) - Diplomatic Corps - of that Intergovernmental Organization for Emergency Management in the Balkans, registered with the Secretariat of the United Nations (UN), based in Ancona. From January 20, 2015, he covers the role of the Officer Association and Counselor of the Noble Imperial House of the Angels - Komnenos of Thessaly and Epirus, for His relations with the Political and Religious Authorities of Greece and Italy. He is a consultant to the Italian motorway company "Autostrade per l'Italia" as well as other Italian companies in the field of services and road, shipping and air transport.


He is also a consultant and responsible for the legal proceedings of Greek motorists of international transport for the account of the legal insurance company ARAG SA based in Athens. From 1997 until today it has been active and continues its activity in the field of international transport, carrying out various administrative and legal procedures. Served throughout Italy 8,000 Greek drivers and international transport motorists, performed interpreting services for 16,000 hours, assisted in the issuance of 2,000 Italian prefectural heavy truck licenses for their circulation in Italy, formally translated over 5,000 written documents and and Italy and finally offered legal and other support services in 170 road accidents, where the participants were Greeks.


He has published world-renowned historical and scientific research in Italian, Greek and English. He has written literary books, books of poems, essays, technical manuals in Italian and Greek. An enthusiastic lover of music, painting and literature, he took part in various public art exhibitions, but above all he received in many parts of Italy, important international awards and recognitions for the activity of the historical researcher, writer and poet.

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