Our Purpose

As the only proponent of Cultural Diplomacy in Greece, we aim to develop activities, such as research and raising awareness, in order to further the principles of the discipline, within the different fields of Cultural Diplomacy.

To further this purpose we develop and deliver activities that advance culture in Greece and abroad, with a special focus on the Greek diaspora. We also provide consultancy services for the promotion of culture and the support for the most vulnerable social groups.

  • Developing and delivering activities that aim to serve and advance culture in Greece and abroad
  • Raising awareness regarding the image and the role of cultural diplomacy
  • Educating and supporting the professional development of individuals within the cultural diplomacy discipline
  • Researching cases of cultural development and supporting their publicity and visibility
  • Supporting Greek cultural heritage and promoting it internationally
  • Organising of conferences, seminars, public discussions, publications, exhibitions and research related to the Institute’s aims.
  • Collecting, preserving and protecting historical archives, works and monuments of Greek culture
  • Establishing grants for the support and promotion of Greek culture creators and their work, as well as setting up funds to finance research that’s in line with the Institute’s aims
  • Granting awards and scholarships to individuals, groups, or bodies whose distinguishing work in service of the Institute’s aims has earned them recognition