The Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy provides the possibility of internship (unpaid) to trainee researchers who are interested in developing their academic skills, to contribute to the work of Greek Cultural Diplomacy by facing real ongoing issues related to science and to conduct research in the following scientific fields:

2 hours per week

6 months

In this internship the physical presence is not required, it lasts six months (the months of July and August are not included) and the presence of the trainee is necessary only in the weekly two-hour meeting of the Institute (Friday 18.30 – 20.30).

The participants in the internship are selected through the interview process.



It is possible for the trainee through the Erasmus Program to carry out his internship in branches of the Institute abroad.

  • By choosing the five-day package, you have the opportunity to participate in a 3-month internship (instead of the regular 6-month) of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.
  • By choosing the twenty-day course package, you have the privilege to participate in the internship of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy with the sole obligation of assigning a job in the field of Cultural Diplomacy and then receiving your certification.

It is possible to train with internal seminar lectures by experts in cultural diplomacy and the disciplines that govern it.

Free attendance of the seminars organized by the Institute and issuance of a certificate of attendance.

Participation in the open day of the Institute (open session to the public, where the data of the study of trainees on cultural diplomacy are presented and takes place once a quarter).

The trainee is offered the opportunity to take part in internal work of the institute (eg interviews for the establishment of a branch abroad).

It is possible to write articles in the electronic newspaper of the Institute’s website, which is followed by 18,900 people.

Opening remarks at workshops-events of the Institute through the assignments of analysis of areas of cultural diplomacy given to the trainees.

The trainee artists (musicians, pianists, sopranos, etc.) will be able to hold an event either in Greece or in a branch of the Institute abroad.

It is possible to attend all the events of the Institute.

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After the end of the internship, the employee receives a certification signed by the Board. of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy, which lists the time of employment as well as the scientific or administrative field through which he exercised his duties.

The title is provided only if there is a positive evaluation in all the months. In the event that the evaluation is either negative or the trainee leaves earlier than the time specified in the contract, he can receive a simple certificate. Also, in case of excellent performance, the trainee receives along with the certification and excellence.

In any case, the Management reserves the right to interrupt the internship, if the participant in the internship shows negligence in his duties, creates a problem in relations with his associates, tarnishes the reputation of the Institute or does not comply with the obligations. as defined in the internship contract.




Candidates are required to complete the internship application with the necessary information and supporting documents.

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